DH Box

DH Box is a laboratory in the cloud that can be deployed quickly and easily. It can be simply accessed from any computer as long as you’ve got an internet connection and some contextual knowledge.

Ready-to-go configurations of Omeka, NLTK, IPython, R Studio, and Mallet are included in the DH Box platform. Through this praxis-friendly environment, professors and students have instant classroom access to a cadre of gold-standard DH tools. Professors will be able to launch a DH computer lab in just a few minutes.

The DH Box team includes developer Steven Zweibel; Digital Fellows Patrick Smyth, Evan Misshula, and Micki Kaufman; Academic Advisors Matthew K. Gold of The Graduate Center, CUNY and Dennis Tenen of Columbia University. Project alumni include Cailean Cooney, Harlan Kellaway, and Gioia Stevens of the 2013-2014 Digital Praxis Seminar at the GC.

This open source, collaborative project has been supported by The Graduate Center, CUNY, Amazon Web Services, and Hunter College.

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